No, I am done with you. This will be the last time your name will cross my mind. I am giving you tonight because I need to ask you something, and honestly I wouldn’t expect or care for a response. When you felt our relationship was failing, I had faith in us. When you wanted to be friends, even though I knew my heart would eat itself away doing so, i agreed. Why? Because it made you happy. When you told me you were moving thousands of miles away, I told you I was happy for you, and I was, because it was going to make you happy.
But didn’t you witness me crying on the bed with you for two days straight? Didn’t you feel my pain? Didn’t your heart break, not knowing what would happen to us? Didn’t you see the love in my eyes every time we’d shared a smile? You didn’t, and that, my dear, is my biggest regret. I now realize that I do not and will never miss you, but I miss how you used to make me feel. Goodbye.

We lose ourselves in the things we love. We find ourselves there, too.
Kristin Martz (via nmichaelsauthor)

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